Mozilla Firefox 63.0 Beta 10 (Quantum)发布

2018年9月29日10:13:34 发表评论

Mozilla Firefox 63.0 Beta (Quantum) 已经发布,最大的改进来自于对Windows 10的支持上,现在Firefox主题已经可以与Windows 10实现明暗搭配,并且WebExtensions现在已经可以在Linux上运行。

Mozilla Firefox 63.0 Beta 10 (Quantum)发布







  • On macOS, WebGL power preferences allow non-performance-critical applications and applets to request the low-power GPU instead of the high-power GPU in multi-GPU systems
  • Improved Windows 10 integration: your Firefox theme now matches your OS Dark / Light mode
  • WebExtensions now run in their own process on Linux
  • Faster tab switching in the majority of cases for our macOS users
  • Improved the reactivity of Firefox on macOS


  • In the Library, the Open in Sidebar feature for individual bookmarks was removed
  • Never check for updates option removed from about:preferences. If a substitute is needed, we recommend using the DisableAppUpdate enterprise policy
  • Firefox now warns about having multiple windows/tabs open when quitting from the main menu.
  • The Ctrl+Tab shortcut now displays thumbnail previews of your tabs and cycles through tabs in recently used order. This new default behavior is activated only in new profiles and can be changed in your preferences
  • The build infrastructure of Firefox on Windows moved to the Clang tool chain, bringing important performance gains





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