Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2 (Quantum) 修正版发布

2018年9月23日10:29:18 发表评论

Mozilla Firefox 62正式发布后,第二个修正版62.0.2也已经出现,本次修正版修正了不少重要的问题,涉及浏览器的方方面面,例如语言包的更新会导致崩溃问题、WebGL渲染问题、配置文件发生崩溃问题,老版本浏览器的TLS设置与某些网站的兼容性问题等(非常常见),如果您觉得Firefox 62升级后遇到了一些奇怪的问题又难以自行解决,请务必升级这一版本。

Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2 (Quantum) 修正版发布





  • Unvisited bookmarks can once again be autofilled in the address bar (bug 1488879)
  • WebGL rendering issues (bug 1489099)
  • Updates from unpacked language packs no longer break the browser (bug 1488934)
  • Fix fallback on startup when a language pack is missing (bug 1492459)
  • Profile refresh from the Windows stub installer restarts the browser (bug 1491999)
  • Properly restore window size and position when restarting on Windows (bugs 1489214 and 1489852)
  • Avoid crash when sharing a profile with newer (as yet unreleased) versions of Firefox (bug 1490585)
  • Do not undo removal of search engines when using a language pack (bug 1489820)
  • Fixed rendering of some web sites (bug 1421885)
  • Restored compatibility with some sites using deprecated TLS settings (bug 1487517)
  • Fix screen share on MacOS when using multiple monitors (bug 1487419)
  • Various security fixes




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