PHP 7.3.0第三个测试版beta3发布

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PHP(PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor)是一种在电脑上执行的脚本语言,主要是用途在于处理动态网页,也包含了命令列执行接口(command line interface),或者产生图形使用者接口(GUI)程式。PHP 7.3.0 第三个测试版 beta3 已发布

PHP 7.3.0第三个测试版beta3发布





- Core:

. Fixed #76773 (Traits used on the parent are ignored for child classes).


. Fixed #76767 (‘asm’ operand has impossible constraints in zend_operators.h).


. Fixed bug #76754 (parent private constant in extends class memory leak).


. Fixed bug #76752 (Crash in ZEND_COALESCE_SPEC_TMP_HANDLER - assertion in

_get_zval_ptr_tmp failed). (Laruence)

- DOM:

. Fixed bug #76285 (DOMDocument::formatOutput attribute sometimes ignored).

(Andrew Nester, Laruence, Anatol)

- iconv:

. Fixed bug #68180 (iconv_mime_decode can return extra characters in a

header). (cmb)

. Fixed bug #63839 (iconv_mime_decode_headers function is skipping headers).


. Fixed bug #60494 (iconv_mime_decode does ignore special characters). (cmb)

. Fixed bug #55146 (iconv_mime_decode_headers() skips some headers). (cmb)

. Fixed bug #53891 (iconv_mime_encode() fails to Q-encode UTF-8 string). (cmb)

- libxml:

. Fixed bug #76777 ("public id" parameter of libxml_set_external_entity_loader

callback undefined). (Ville Hukkamäki)

- Opcache:

. Fixed bug #76747 (Opcache treats path containing "test.pharma.tld" as a phar

file). (Laruence)

- SimpleXML:

. Fixed bug #76712 (Assignment of empty string creates extraneous text node).


- SPL:

. Fixed bug #68825 (Exception in DirectoryIterator::getLinkTarget()). (cmb)

. Fixed bug #68175 (RegexIterator pregFlags are NULL instead of 0). (Tim


- Standard:

. Fixed bug #76778 (array_reduce leaks memory if callback throws exception).


. Fixed bug #76755 (setcookie does not accept "double" type for expire time).


. Fixed bug #76674 (improve array_* failure messages exposing what was passed

instead of an array). (carusogabriel)



此外,开发团队表示,这将是最后一个测试版,下个版本将进入 RC 阶段,并计划于9月13发布首个 RC 版。




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