Linux 4.18 Kernel 发布

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Linux 4.18 Kernel 发布

Linus Torvalds 在内核邮件列表上宣布释出 Linux 4.18,同时宣布 4.19 的合并窗口开启。4.18 kernel 的主要特性包括:


合并针对 ARM 架构的 Spectre V4 修正;支持基于 VIA IP 的中国兆芯 x86 CPU;支持高通 Snapdragon 845 SoC;更多文件系统改进、驱动和硬件支持,等等。

This report has not been entirely finished due to RL intruding, but it will be. Some of the coolest features of this release are:


There are many other interesting features. Read more about them in:


更多可查看 KernelNewbies 4.18




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