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1、您真的是一个好老师,谢谢您,祝教师节愉快。You are really a good teacher, thank you, wish you a happy teacher’s day.


You are really a good teacher, thank you, wish you a happy teacher's day.


The gardener, lofty title, I wish you all the peaches and chunhui times square.


Teacher, if compare you to a clam, so students are clams in the sand.


Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey.


You are a very special person in our life, teacher, we all love you.


It's getting dark, I got your eyes. At dawn, I cannot leave you eyes.


If not you thought moist, how can a plant so many good flower of soul!


You are not only a qualified teacher, is a good friend, thank you for what you have done.


Teacher, you are a sincere kind of good. I hope all students hearts are open to you.


The wisdom of the teacher, we send out light, flashing your hand forever ignited the spark.


The wisdom of the teacher, today we send out light, still flashing you lit the spark!


Do you use the torch lit up my life along the way, I want to sincerely say to you: thank you, teacher.


Spreading knowledge is sowing hope, sowing happiness. Teacher, you are the hope and happiness seeder.


The teacher, the dazzling name, will be like a bright star, always hung in our chests.


Love you, more serious than father, than a mother's love is more delicate, more pure than friendship.


You are like a candle, although thin, but there is one hot, send a spectral, lights others, exhausted themselves.


Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey, I am full of gratitude to you.


You praise highly sincerity and honesty to as norms of human behavior. You are the role model in students mind.


Teacher, parting although long, but you that image is like a brilliant bright points of light, has been in my heart.


White chalk, bouts of falling. Dyed your hair, it will set off your green youth more rich.


Teacher is fire, lit the students' inner fire; Teacher is a strength, under the student steadfastly climb up step by step.


Seeds with the language, the conten, with sweat, with blood moisture, this is our beloved teacher lofty labor.


You are a tall tree, mature fruit, have the years in your engraved on the old rings, your side has rise a lush forest.


I am not your best student, and you are my most respected teacher. In your section yue, I am going to put a high respect for you.


In our from childish to mature, from ignorance to civilization on the way, you use the torch of life, the way for us.


You work in today, but the construction of the motherland tomorrow; You teaching in the classroom, but in all directions of the motherland.


Your voice, always flashes before my eyes; Is your character personality, forever treasure in the depths of my memory.


Every year, I put the first ray of spring and New Year card sent to you together; Spring is always be with you, my dear teacher!


Ten years trees in one hundred people, the teacher kindness deep than the sea. A day for the teacher lifelong father, life is difficult to quote ShiEn.


Alpine cheering, running water in singing; The sun in the laughter, the grass in the dance: praise you, a teacher by worthy example, judging!


You sent me into a colorful world, you brought me into a world of infinite... Teacher, my heart cried out, you, in salute to you.


Yue, you are in my heart planted the seeds of knowledge, today, is my bear fruit -- teachers in scientific research, this is your harvest!


You for flowers in full bloom, fruit mature busy, quietly flowing leaves green shade! Oh, teacher, your spirit, and never forget my heart!


Teacher, you are the candle, bring us light; You are a gardener, watering the flowers of the motherland; Are you milan, silent dedication of self


Success comes from your culture, outstanding from your work. Cheer for today at the same time, we always remember you at the beginning of teachings and proverbs!


Pillars of the motherland's teacher, who said you are in, as you are the backbone of the motherland, it is you, prop up the backbone of our generation.


Dear teacher, though I don't often go to see you, but every time I think of you, my heart will pass a trace of warmth. I wish you happy every day!


Your career as a teacher, there are countless proud and happy memories, but you put them in the bottom of my heart, I just watched a garden plot to develop.


River to push us to the middle of a vast ocean, beautiful morning dawn brings us; Our beloved teacher, you brought us into the magnificent life.


On the sea of life, teacher, you are like a high guide lamps, standing on the vast sea, to guide us forward every minute and every second voyage!


Teacher miss you, miss you! Miss and blessing will be on the day of your grows, let scenes affectionately deep feeling and blessing ying, the good life of peace!


Our beloved teacher, you the sincere love, wake up how much confusion, feeding and how much confidence, lit the how many youth, how many expedition ship sent to destroy.


Hard, life is ordinary, I quietly put knowledge dedication, you is the angel of civilization, you are hard gardener, thank you very much, I wish you health and happiness!


The teacher, is beautiful the ploughman, the sower of beauty. Are you with the beautiful sunshine, with beautiful rain moist, our hearts to lush, carpet of flowers.


If I were a poet, I write poem will be full of passion, praise the vast and profound. And make it for you, my mind, profound knowledge of the teacher.




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