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1、老师我永远记得您对我的教诲,正是您让我明白了做人的道理。The teacher I will always remember you for being my teacher, is you let me know of a person.


The teacher I will always remember you for being my teacher, is you let me know of a person.


Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey, I am full of gratitude to you.


Spreading knowledge is sowing hope, sowing happiness. Teacher, you are the hope and happiness seeder.


Podium, desk, changing seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and little effort. Hard, my teacher.


Repeating your story, I knew you yesterday. Teacher, are you ok? Sincerely wish the teacher you: healthy, happy holidays!


As high as the sky is your mind, like a mountain deep is your kindness, please accept my sincere blessing, happy teachers' day!


Dogged willpower can conquer any peak in the world, when you teach lietu pingci, I manage to life today. Teacher, you hard!


Teacher is fire, lit the students' inner fire; Teacher is a strength, under the student steadfastly climb up step by step.


Even when I'm in the face of xueyu and approval of all, also dare not complacent, because I am always stand on your shoulder.


Is you purify my soul, my sky is your support, the teacher I must give you a piece of blue sky. I wish you a happy and healthy!


Your knowledge lets us admire, you are, let us SheFu, your holiday together, let us celebrate! Teacher, happy holidays!


In the future, no matter I will become a tall and straight trees, or low shrubs, teacher, I will take life green salute to you!


Experienced wind and rain, just know your valuable; On the success, just know your greatest; Thank you, I respect the teacher!


You for flowers in full bloom, fruit mature busy, quietly flowing leaves green shade! Oh, teacher, your spirit, and never forget my heart!


Teacher makes clear, the students can't forget, you sent a blessing, wish you a healthy body, all the best, the peach garden!


Dear teacher, your teachings such as spring breeze, like rain, Ming my heart forever. I devoutly wish you: health, ruyi! A happy holiday!


Have you, my life was wonderful! Thank you very much. My teacher! By pale and gorgeous, by the shallow and deep, life because of you.


I am not your best student, but you are my best teacher, I wish you every happiness, every day have a good mood. Happy teachers' day!


Teacher, you every word of every sentence, and my empty heart, is you, let me work with a green dream, and give me the courage to achieve!


Time passes, we have grown up to your temples has gray. We can only say to you: cast with peach, take care, teacher, happy teachers' day!


You work in today, but the construction of the motherland tomorrow; You teaching in the classroom, but in all directions of the motherland.


When we pick fruit harvest, you leave your own were chalk dyed white temples of white hair. Honor you, dear teacher! Happy teachers' day!


You are a burning red candle, light up my sky with life slowly, I want to tell you: "I love you!" You are our pry up the earth's support!


Always think oneself is very strong, but every time back to the school day, think of you teach, like drizzle smooth, always can let my tears wet eyes.


You like a red candle, for the younger generation gave all the heat and light! Your character and spirit, can use two word is burning! Keep burning!


Now, the sky has become our territory, and we will never forget, is your fly gives us faith and strength. The teacher! Honour you to twelve very much!


You are the engineers of the human soul, you are in the most glorious career under the sun, you are the ladder of the progress of social civilization.


Strike a chord sincere, remember the bitterness of growing up, the road to success cannot leave you forever, my dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!


Melodious bell, coquettish flowers, are restricted by time, only my blessing forever, forever and always bless you, give me the teacher of the fountain of wisdom.


A holiday, although not in the spring, but the awaken of spring is abundant. Teacher, your holiday is the most beautiful, on this day, garden flowers are in full bloom for you!


The teacher, if I can fight the blue sky, is that you gave me to take off wings; If I were a strike wave of warriors, that is the power of you gave me a frolic in the waves!


Strike a chord sincere, remember the bitterness of growing up, the road to success cannot leave you forever, my dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever! A happy holiday!


Oh, have you, garden was so gorgeous, the earth is full of the awaken of spring! Teacher, quick open the window and see, this ManYuanChun, this garden plum, in salute to you!


Teacher, your hair has been white casual. Only can breeze blowing in your hair, bright moon clear according to your hair. Make you forever young! Wish you healthy forever!


Preach a belly knowledge, to teach with wisdom, and infinite hope, thousands of happiness. Teacher, you are so great and selfless, I adore you, admire you, thank you!


Is you that give the seeds the warm like the sun, is you, the seedlings watered with the sweat, or you, attentive caress the flowers open, I take what thank you? My dear teacher!


More want to once again look at your eyes, more want to once again to listen to your lectures, many want to hold your hands, once again sincerely thank you, with all my sincerity. Happy teachers' day!


Every day, every hour, every second, you don't vanity, put the heart operation. On this day, this moment, this one second, I am full of gratitude, to send blessings to. Teacher's day, teacher, you were laborious!


I respect the teachers, half of my success is from you for their support, encapsulated in a word: thank you! You are not only my teacher, forever is my forever friend, I wish you a happy holiday!


In all, the director of the teacher in charge's lowest positions, but in all, the director of the teacher in charge of the largest contribution to the society. The teacher, we are forever grateful to you!




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