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The teacher you are great, like a candle lights others burn itself. I wish you a happy teachers' day, take good care of yourself!


You gave me brassy gold in life, after years of remaining, the more long and bright! Happy teachers' day!


When I was a child always feel you are too strict, now just know this is a sign of your love. Teacher, I wish you a happy holiday!


May the cheerful song, always around you; May joy life, accompany you forever. I wish you a happy holiday!


Let us admire your learning, you are, let's admit defeat, your holiday together, let us celebrate! Teacher, happy holidays!


You lit the light of hope for me on the journey of life, enrich my mind to add my wisdom thank you! Happy teachers' day!


I am not your best student, but you are my most revered teacher. In your holiday, your students wish you forever young.


Do you use the torch lit up my life along the way, I want to sincerely say to you: thank you, teacher, happy teachers' day!


Seeds with the language, the conten, with sweat, with blood moisture, this is our beloved teacher lofty labor.


In the future, whether I become a towering trees, or low shrubs, I will bless to you with the green of life, my teacher!


Under your attention, give me endless confidence and courage! You are my teacher forever! Sincerely wish you health and happiness!


Teacher makes clear, the students can't forget, when entering university, wish you a healthy body, all the best, the peach garden!


When we pick fruit harvest, you are left to their own chalk dyed white temples of white hair. Honor you, dear teacher!


On this special day, I wish you, have a good mood every day. My friend, my teacher, I wish you a happy holiday!


Seeds with the language, the conten, with sweat, with blood moisture, this is our beloved teacher lofty labor. Happy teachers' day!


One day rise and landing, a string of students walking past again, the same is your deep love and smile. Bless you, my dear teacher!


Many want to once again look at your eyes, more want to once again to listen to your lectures, sincerely thank you, with all my sincerity.


May my blessing like little flower, forever blooming in this warm harvest season, for you every moment of the ornament gives with joy.


Alpine cheering, running water in singing; The sun in the laughter, the grass in the dance: praise you, a teacher by worthy example, judging!


You are like a candle, although thin, but there is one hot, send a spectral, lights others, exhausted themselves. The selfless dedication, a kid.


Teacher: every ray of sunshine is my wish for you, every star I see your eyes, every rain brought I deeply miss to you, miss you.


I am at a young age, you are the rain, moist my withered heart. I am the grass, you are the sun, shining me the path of growth. Thank you, teacher!


We love you, the young teacher: do you like the spruce in general handsome, like blue sky deep; You have knowledge, have a heart and our accommodation.


I wish the teacher can have a smile like the sunshine every day, healthy body, you are a worker of miracles, is you has nurtured we, we deeply thank you!


What a big tree, green blessing. The teacher, in the love of your green, we grow up. Walk to the end of the world, we thank you for your love green forever!


Good management talent is not born but cultivated, and the growth of my concern is inseparable with you, sincerely thank you, teachers! Happy teachers' day!


Grateful to you, dear teacher, I have no words to express. On this special day, let the message, I love your thick blessing: happy teachers' day!


Regardless of wind and rain, regardless of the obstacles, there are you in silently support and guide me, the teacher you hard, students will always bless you.


Let me the best wishes through the waves, across many mountains, across the river, across the high-rise buildings, fly to your side, I wish you a happy teachers' day!


A sincere blessing, on behalf of a grateful heart. Wish you the joy of your wishes, when you open this little card can meet at the same time! Happy teachers' day!


A piece of chalk remain uncorrupted, three feet platform four seasons weather, plus the insides, all nine very attentively, drops of sweat cheng zi li fang world peach!


Miss you, miss you - teachers! Miss and blessing will be on the day of your grows, let scenes affectionately deep feeling and blessing ying, the good life of peace!


Thank you for your concern, thank you for your help, thank you for all you've done for me. Please accept the student good wishes, I wish you a happy teachers' day, happy every day!


Strike a chord sincere, remember the bitterness of growing up, the road to success cannot leave you forever, my dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever! Happy teachers' day!


Gently a salute, don't want to disturb you, just want to really know you everything is ok. Physical well-being is the biggest comfort in the students. Thank you for your pay everything!


Corrects students' papers put a put, for record mind pauses. Today's teachers' day, my dear teacher, wish you have a rest, don't too tired. I wish you a happy holiday, happy life.


Teachers' day, and sent to the teacher's lily flower optional gladiolus flower carnation sunflower chrysanthemum all over the sky star. Inserted into flower blue or bouquet, a respectful greeting.


Teacher, if you are the beautiful the sun in the sky, we are the underground lovely grass, is that you give us new life. You day and night to help us, take care of us, you were laborious!


Teacher, you like mountains and rain for me, tolerance to me whether you like the sea there is love, like a pole you give me up. You quietly dedicated to my love. Teachers' day, I wish you health, happiness not old!


Let happiness fade wrinkles on your face, let health straight you curved waist, let health accompany you all the way forward, let care always warm your heart. Teachers sacrifice her life for us, hard work, wish you forever young!




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