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1、我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。教师节快乐!We like you to be our teacher, we honor you, thank you. Happy teachers’ day!


We like you to be our teacher, we honor you, thank you. Happy teachers' day!


You are a pile of firewood, burn yourself out to light up a lot of people! Thank you, happy teachers' day!


Blessing is the true heart, no words, no language, silently singing, and I wish the teacher happy holidays!


Your voice, always in my ears; Your teachings, resident in my heart. I wish you a happy teachers' day!


Hope today, all the teachers will smile from the heart; Be proud of who you are, because you are a teacher!


On this special day, I want to you say: happy holidays! To you in the future days more healthy and happy!


The teacher you are hard gardener, without your cultivation, there would be no us today. I will never forget your cultivation.


Dear teacher, busy a year, your holiday again, students want to say to you: no matter when and where, you'll always be my teacher!


You like the more obscure roots, make small trees thrive, and branches hung with rich fruit, but does not require any reward.


As high as the sky is your mind like a mountain deep is your kindness please accept my sincere blessing, happy teachers' day!


Wind sent us deeply wishes, let the white clouds and blue sky ornament your hungry life forever, may your life be filled with happiness!


Hope today, all the teachers will smile from the heart, for the sake of plum, full of the world! As long as the teacher happy, we are happy!


I would like to put my wishes and grateful, enrichment my wish for you, wish you every year, every day is full of happiness and joy!


Grateful for your words later language cannot express, best wishes for you in one billion also won't change, the teacher, I wish you all the best!


Is that you use an eraser to purify my soul, are you on my mind a blackboard with chalk added wisdom, sincerely wish you happiness forever!


Dear teacher, white snow, is the symbol of you, offer the halo of weaving for you, wish you always happy, year after year!! Happy teachers' day!


If not you thought moist, how can zhankai so many good flower of the soul, the teacher, the engineer of the human soul, who is not your praise!


Your lecture, it is so rich and colorful, your every word is like a long drought seedling get moist, we are under your moist, towering trees.


When we pick fruit harvest, you leave your own were chalk dyed white temples of white hair. Honor you, dear teacher, happy holidays!


You gave us a ruler of life, let ourselves every day to measure; You gave us a model the behavior of the mirror, let us all have a learning example.


All the past will become kind of miss, all know the lost its precious - I miss that you take us through every minute of it. Teacher: happy holidays!


Years of emotion are engraved in my memory, you are my good, you feel, the time of day, finish can not express my gratitude to you, thank you!


Wishing you happiness during the holidays, as long as yesterday. Bless my respected teacher healthy body, the plum all over the world. A happy holiday!


Your career as a teacher, there are countless proud and happy memories, but you put them in the bottom of my heart, I just watched a garden plot to develop.


Happy teachers' day! You are like a candle, for students to dedicate all the light and heat! Your character and spirit, can use two words, that is burning!


On the journey of life you lit the light of hope for me to enrich my mind, add my wisdom thank you! The teacher may you healthy forever! Nice day! To be happy!


You are ordinary, you are special, only willing to ordinary and special with you! Ordinary + special = happiness, happy! A: hello! I was really a long story.


Teacher, you inspire me to grasp the nature of grace, from now on I read each flap green leaves, each a piece of cloud, each one spray. Thank you, happy holidays!


I sing of chalk. It gives me knowledge, draw the outline of my soul, show me the future, the embodiment of the beauty of the chalk is not you? Thank you, teacher!


Wanted to use the telephone to say happy holidays to you. Holding a but you teach I learned to write, so here I want to use short message to say to you: happy teachers' day!


I wish the teacher can like sunflower strong, I don't have the sunflower, but I believe bracketplant can also bring table my heart! This or wish teacher happily in holiday that day!


You are each cornerstone of skyscrapers, you are hallmarks of bridge pier, across the river, the river was a pillar of the construction of the motherland shed on you. Teacher, happy holidays!


Under the platform, changing seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and little effort; The garden, FuCan help the weak, weathered rain and snow, a new core flared. The teacher, was laborious!


A heart light, illuminate countless students career; With enthusiastic, garden plum fragrance. Teachers' day arrived, I wish you a happy holiday for students, and solemnly say to you: thank you!


Teacher, see your eyebrows, I smiled. See your body good, you rest assured. See you are old, my heartache. Think of the teacher's love, I wish you, your body is getting better and better, good luck!


If the teacher is the tree, I am a piece of shade. If the teacher is a lamp, I'm reluctant to burning wick. If the teacher is a star, I am the star light in the heart of the star. Wish you peace health, a happy holiday!


You are a fire of coals in the dead of winter, is the shade in the hot summer umbrella, turbulence in the stepping stone, is the beacon light -- the teacher ah, in the sea fog you precept, education well, for a ladder, memorable!


If I can fight the blue sky, at that time you gave me to take off the wings of the; If I were a strike wave of warriors, that is the power of you gave me a frolic in the waves, if I is not quenched the torch, is that you gave me light of youth!


Today is teacher's day, my sunshine to send good wishes to you and I together with the autumn wind brings you a deep yearning, I send you white clouds take a long time miss, I let the blue sky to your real greetings, hard, dear teacher.




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