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Look behind you, like mild-manner singer with. The side you, like yu. Look at you, like the west door celebrate, happy National Day!


To remember the red flag flying, we pride, for ZuGuoFa ambition, therefore at his own everything. Has now past smoke, remember no past me.


Work is done, but the body was too tired to collapse, health is the source of life. More to yourself! You should take the National Day holiday.


National Day National Day celebrate, chongyang chongyang everything is easy, in this era of peace and happiness, I wish you and your family a happy holiday! Good health!


When you see I will give you the blessing, please should first hard wall, see not, countless stars in front of you is my endless blessings, happy National Day!


National Day, the festival, National Day, good luck, singing and dancing to sing in the future. Countries are rich, the people is strong, millennium of covered. Happy National Day!


A genuine feeling, never change; A wish, today show. National Day holiday, send my most sincere wishes. I wish you a happy, happy life every day.


No matter where you are, I would like to wish you, whether you like it or not, I will put my wishes arrived, I wish you a happy 11th and happiness each minute!


The National Day has come, to you ask a good; Backgammon work everywhere, life; Lottery period, every day by day; The gold in the home, the wall long notes!


Affection is in the heart is yearning, is a feeling, a collision of inspiration, is shining, is a sweet nectar, is intoxicating pure alcohol. I wish a happy National Day!


Freedom of the striker, tourism will not less. Surfing, hiking, shooting, horse racing, let whole body movement, go to hainan, or go to huangshan mountain, it's up to you!


11 think you is the happiest thing; See you is the most happy thing; Love you is I never to do; Your heart is I have been doing; However, cheat you is just what happened.


Countries good home countries: everybody good circle everyone circle circle person circle compatriots, take a deep thoughts, and of honey honey send best wishes of you, happy National Day!


National Day holiday, will come in a twinkling of an eye. No matter what time, the blessing is still rolling. Let my deep thoughts, warm every day of your life. I wish a happy National Day, happy each day.


Happy National Day, happy work overtime! Hee hee, day to work overtime every day happy, don't care about how holiday! But I wish I spent with you! May you have a long career, family happiness!


Although I very small, could not write a rhetoric, but think hard. Say hello to the National Day, sincerely pray for you: I wish you a rare heart trouble, peace until age, happiness life around.


If you have a choice, I want to be a cat, can play the woman in the sun, I must be a lazy cat! But I will get to the Internet, because I want to in your arms that whine. Happy National Day!


National Day greeting is not a dinner party, not for articles, not painting, embroidery, cannot be so refined. My blessing is very fierce, wish your business is red, love is a fire, good health!


National Day festival, celebrating the country, in this festive day, it is a pity that don't have my friends. So we have to send my most sincere wishes, I wish you a happy National Day, peace and happiness.


National Day holiday, keep the came to the blessings of friends not less. No grand rhetoric, no copying other people's thinking, only the truly say hello, wish you life to be happy without trouble.


National shengchang, universal well-being, the country merry; Merry road, take the blessing, wish you happiness; The ship over the sea, floated a care, give you happy; Happy National Day, is lucky, happy forever!


You have a good life. Happy love you, the health care about you, good luck for you, the god of wealth come to you, happy to pester you. Even I also want to send a short message to you: I wish you a happy National Day!


National Day this year to present a gift, a gift in the text, a gift is not to abandon, can only be widely passed each other, wish you National Day sweet dreams, long vacation every day things, good happiness belongs to you.


National Day I bless for you, wish happy holiday, please put my fluttering longing put in the body; Please put my murmuring love hidden in the bottom of my heart; Please bring my sweet blessings into my dream.


Smile, give a heavy confidence; Comfort, give a frustrated encouraged; Help to pressure and burden; Encouraging, to those who fail lamp; Text messages, to those who received blessing: I wish you a happy National Day!


Stars happy little more like the revel; The very truth here, as the longer touch the very intoxicated; Cumulative little happiness, and drops prestige truth, the whole country celebrating this day, let us together memories!


I have no money, can't send you a rose, but I have a sincerely, pray for you happiness and peace. Even when I run out of energy, also turns into a meteor, scratched it to permanent love. Happy National Day!


The night without you, I to think of you as a pillow; During the day without you, I to think of you as the sun; One day really have no you, I only skeleton. The National Day, let me accompany you every day!


The happiness in life, who is willing to refuse, who is stupid enough to give up, happiness is in the hand, as long as gently clenched, the sunshine of life in this lifetime will follow! I wish a happy National Day, happy holidays!


Leisurely, the heart carefree and relaxed, laugh, long vacation coming flowering, take a walk, National Day travel landscape to swim, to take a rest, relax pressure slip, National Day is coming, let go of mind, a happy smile!


National Day seven tianle, I wish you: health, happiness; Boundless happiness, joy; Brilliant career, music; Good luck and a series of music; Always peace, joy, Horse, music; Happy happy life, happy. Happy National Day happy together!


This year! Popular late childbirth of marry at a mature age, to stay up late and get up late, to eat dinner, see the party, thanks to an old age. But bless your National Day, I can't late. Early to wish you a happy National Day, happy holiday!


The weather became cool, the mood turned for the better; The work is smooth, the salary also rose; Children grow up, less to worry about things; Car just bought, mortgage has also, in the National Day, seven days of vacation has begun!


My heart windy and rainy, the holiday is no return; Long holiday, when the golden week, hope to look forward to go, finally to celebrate, home homesickness, finally to tot's bouquet. I wish you all a wanderer, happy National Day!


Clap your hands, and good luck with you hand in hand; Your happiness take a bridge for you; Shook his head and success with you two together; Wag of the waist, peace with no trouble. Happy National Day exercises, to my friends happiness.


Let the sunshine into your window, let the happiness to fly to your side! Take root in the happy cheerful line, weave a good clothes for you; With happiness grinding flexibly needle, sew always lucky for you! I wish a happy National Day!


Chrysanthemum, the autumn wind, the mood gradually swat, day high and chooses, find a good mood, birds fly south, the fish swim deep, harvest leaves, eleven to National Day, wishes to all the time I wish you a happy, happy holiday.


The stars on the heart, and not afraid to lose the direction, dream in heart, and not afraid to lose courage, you on the heart, afraid of losing strength, 11 National Day, greeting on the heart, afraid of lost happiness, my dear, happy.


National Day holiday, soon after, go to work tomorrow, wish still. Adjust good state of mind, let oneself jump out from holiday atmosphere, only have rebuilt spirit, ability to challenge the new day. No matter when, wish you happy still.


The clouds leisurely fly with the wind, happy to do, is satisfied at large generous smile, feeling angry shu xin gao yuan, national holiday is coming, National Day laugh, originally text messages sent on time, I wish you a happy National Day, revel in bold.




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