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This violent tadatoshi akiba of the air, into care, hopefully we care among not only is the National Day holiday period.


Osmanthus fragrance the festival, warehouse full, in golden October holiday seven tianle, 11 National Day wish your family happiness, friend is healthy!


The air in this ribbon, into concerns sent to your remote. Hopefully we intergovernmental concerns, is no longer a National Day holiday period.


The sky fluttering drizzle, a concerned, sent to your remote. Hopefully we intergovernmental concerns, is no longer a National Day holiday period.


Autumn is the season of harvest, fall is tempting moment. Harvest to you forever if autumn fruits, laughter to you forever if blooming flowers.


Full National Day, woods hongye dance autumn wind. The entire country is behind qi, and the home-sheng everything. This grand festival will bring you everlasting lucky!


Autumn years, the harvest season, I wish the most sincere smile with you, let I deeply wishes with you, happy National Day, cause brilliant touch down!


I put all the blessings of plug in this message, in celebrate this day, to your side, I wish you a happy life, together with our motherland is thriving!


Heart to think, to the shipped goods to, to the National Day, I wish my blessing to the first. Early to wish you a happy National Day! Other I blessing SMS schedule!


Bell is my greetings, singing is my blessing, akiha is my card, wine is my kiss, the wind is my embrace, happiness is my gift! I wish you a happy National Day!


Read and forward this information as soon as possible is likely to be a major award, the prize is the world's most precious, most hard to find, the most unique sincere blessings, happy.


Long time no see, very missed. In this long National Day holiday, often recalled coexistence years. Time to find some locations, bring blessings, to a very experience!


The seven-day National Day holiday, should go to walk outdoors; Adjust state of mind happiness without beam, feel the wind in nature; Eat food to offer them a few, happy National Day very easily.


Coming National Day, open the window you will see the stars, and the most shining the star is the National Day I give you blessing, wish you happy every day, everything.


Noble lion, need to move feeling, reflect the imposing manner of the king. Travel to you is a senior enjoyment. In Beijing, chongqing choose resorts can let you enjoy it!


Autumn years, the harvest season, I wish the most sincere smile with you is the most beautiful, the National Day, deeply wishes you happy National Day! Cause brilliant touch down!


Meet in the fall of the National Day, in early winter long you think Christmas, kiss you have green grass in the spring, the gently just ask -- - National Day give me a better date, okay?


The end of the world of that day of, power outages, roads blocked, had to look you in the direction of the dark, I'm the star in the sky to find belong to you. Happy National Day!


News, your mobile phone number in my company special sweepstakes awards in National Day, the prize is a worth billions, is unparalleled, facial expression and warm wishes: happy National Day.


If one day, you walk too tiredly, I've been in a turn round and then you can see them, I will be by your side! Let my blessing to the stars, dodges in your life every day! Happy National Day!


Accept the sunshine and you will receive a warm; Accept the flowers, you will get love; Accept greetings, and you will get friendship; Receiving messages, you will receive the blessing! Happy National Day!


Beautiful morning, bright you, the good life is waiting for you! Beautiful weather, beautiful, nice affective nourish you! The fresh air, clear you, accompany you happy mood! Happy National Day!


Using your fingertips, send best wishes, light up your smile to make a best gift, let your mood, decorate the joy of the festival, I wish you a whole country celebrating this day happy happiness.


Water in a stream, fish in travel, love you don't need a reason; Blowing in the wind, rain the next, you want to have some affinity; Days of sentient beings, sentient beings, National Day to romance the not line!


National Day resting at home, build eating a few lines; Fruits and vegetables a defence, pleasant and refreshing full nutrition; Add energy to grain meat 2 lines, such as charging; I wish a happy holiday every day.


Blade in the beautiful shadow, swaying waves covered in memory of my mind. The autumn wind whistle conceal loneliness in my heart. I want you to know that you are in my heart forever song! Happy National Day!


National Day the blessings of the "ten" in: "ten" refers to be buckled love in the heart, friends relatives "ten", future skyshatter open "ten", as the sea never face buried "ten". Happy National Day!


To celebrate the National Day, national celebration! In this beautiful day, let me with the most sincere best wishes accompany you spend! I wish: everything is all right, you, home and everything! Happy National Day!


Wine, the longer the more alcohol, friends cross the longer true; Water flow more and more clear, the vicissitudes of life more flow more light thing in the world. Two National Day chongyang festival, why don't hobnobbing extent of bashan patter?


Friends always at heart, the bosom friend is precious, the lamplight, good friends, small order, good news, hope friends see - such as people, time don't forget to friends. I wish my friends happy National Day holiday season!


Chairman MAO said: the body is the capital of the revolution. So, when you received this message, I only gently say: health is the source of happiness, even in the holiday, also want to take care of yourself, I wish you a happy holiday!


Sends out the deep thoughts, no matter how big is the world; Keep the undying friendship, no matter how long that don't have; Sincere blessings, no matter how far apart. National Day holiday is coming, I wish all peace, joy.


There is a happy from the bottom of my heart overflow, there is a kind of happiness, my soul there is a kind of sweet as sugar like honey, have a kind of love. There is a mother's birthday today, happy birthday to our motherland!


National Day seven tianle, National Day for seven days. Friends: a 62 birthday of our great motherland, national celebration, and the day of jubilation. Together, let us raise your glass, in order to better in the future of the motherland!


Seen meteor shower together, listened to the wind, drink mineral water, together with the received autumn corn, now with friend afar, miss but break down from constant overwork, must be a clockwork information to you: happy National Day not expired!


Do you want me to sing a song for you, solving your heart sad lonely; Do you want me to pour a glass of water for you, warm your hand and chill; Do you want me to accompany the National Day, be your life companion. I wish a happy National Day!


National Day to, what a busy; The motherland and the laughter. Hang a red light, put salute; Singing and happy. Celebration of National Day, degrees of night; Forget happy days. Celebration of National Day, I wish the motherland; A year is more than a year.


The National Day, I am very pleased to invite you to dinner, dishes are as follows: money a bowl of rice, with deep pockets. Rice pudding a can, splendidness is dye-in-the-wood. A bucket of instant noodles, everywhere is convenient. Hearing this, the Pepsi cola package you!


Like wine sincere friendship, thick as alcohol, aromatic might overflow, the beauty of autumn brought to the United States, the United States engaging. Friends, at this time of happiness, let happiness and goodness will accompany you forever! Happy National Day!


Festival, want to eat good, to permit fast food mean stomach; Good to wear, usually ignore face; The most important thing is that, my friends want to bless each other and together, care for our sincere friendship! I wish you a happy National Day!




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