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Wish our motherland prosperity prosperous, reunification at an early date. Also wish you a happy life, a desire at an early date.


A ray of sunshine, open the most ordinary day a smile, a most happy happy a message, the most beautiful wishes for a happy National Day!


Thumb press press, mind racing, blessing, SMS guest, sincere blessing, be sure to accept, unlimited communication, keep the attachment. Happy National Day!


May you have a good day National Day holiday mood, have done every sweet dream, you always been concerned about all the people care! A dream come true and happiness!


Wish the troubles with the wind, to the sky, happy wind, waft head-on. Way, man, easy, hello, I'm good, everybody is good. Happy National Day.


When you see I will give you the blessing, please should first hard wall, see not, you immediate countless stars is unlimited I wish, happy National Day!


Today is National Day, they all said it should be to celebrate the day, but I don't care if people really happy, I only hope you can happy after see my message.


The National Day you gave me what gift? In fact, a smile is enough, such as thin wine a cup, be like soft wind a, this is a declaration of the most moving, as if spring, sweet elegant.


In the whole country celebrating this day, I on behalf of our many years of solid friendship, give the most sincere greetings to you, hope all is well with old friends, don't forget to often contact.


Long ago, humans find the fate this thing is really wonderful ah, when you and I met on the Internet, our meeting is a classic of classics, and National Day we meet, ok?


White clouds never promise future to the sky, and actually together; The stars never promised night light, but try to flash; I never talk to you miss, never cared about. Happy National Day!


The National Day you gave me what gift? In fact, a smile is enough, such as thin wine a cup, be like soft wind a, this is a declaration of the most moving ah, as if spring, sweet elegant.


Meet with you in the fall, the National Day, in early winter long you think Christmas, kiss you have green grass in the spring, the gently just ask you - - National Day give me a better date, okay?


See this message you must do what I ask seriously, first, to the mirror to smile, second, to the relatives and friends to his smile, because today is holiday, will be happy.


National Day holiday to again, let my blessing to bring you warm, let you of the world there will be no regret, wish you have a good time, eat at ease, comfortable, in short everything!


How long a lifetime I don't know, fate has a few nobody knows, how far the road is not important, only our hearts, don't feel the journey far away again. Happy National Day!


Don't know when you have just heard the sound of what it looks like text messages, I feel very nervous. You don't know whether you are willing to accept my invitation, eating with me?


I wish you a happy family is perfect, the work is assured, the boss is very satisfied with the you, love journey smooth, friends for you, as always, anyhow I wish you a happy 11th!


In the fall of the south wild goose, red maple leaf, under the setting sun is bright, 1.3 billion people's birthday is coming, wish you in this national celebration of the day, for, life sweet!


Light cream flying is a silver chrysanthemum, writing in the autumn air is a stripe, wen run is with a heart of love, is this life is forever love. National Day holiday, and I look forward to meet you!


I wish I was blessed streams, flows quietly in the hearts of lovers, overflow with; I wish my concern is the maple leaf, gently shook his breath, autumn wind to love greetings, happy National Day!


The spread of the virus emergency warning, new mobile phones: National Day by mobile phone message to spread, for health, after receiving the blessing, make sure the phone soaked in disinfectant China can use!


National Day will come was qiao, full enchanting; Chrysanthemums bloom miles incense, genuine send good; Have a family reunion wine jade heart at ease, happy happy; Greetings so don't mind, may you foreground is good.


National Day is coming, you do not want to give too much care, only give you fifty million: must be happy, must be healthy, be sure to peace, be sure to make a fortune, don't ever forget me. I wish: happy National Day!


Brilliant fireworks, joyous song, my blessing on white moonlight, quietly come to your side. Every holiday season, your friend, wishing you a happy happy. National Day holiday, wishes for a friend.


The happiness in life, who is willing to refuse, who is stupid enough to give up, happiness is in the hand, as long as gently clenched, the sunshine of life in this lifetime will follow! National Day good mood, happy holidays!


Often have a date, who is not bad; Often go shopping, said money is not bad; Often go to dinner, friends said he was "not bad; Often receive text messages, said someone was not bad. National Day that message enjoy your holiday.


Gone is the familiar, the National Day, I wish the minute, my concern always on your side! I would like to with the blessings of light crosses sent, along yew water rafting, direct your hearts, our warm friendship.


I am responsible for beautiful enchanting, you are responsible for trying to earn money. You can fell in love with someone else, but don't let I found. If let I found, hum, mouse medicine cooking noodles for you! Ha ha, happy National Day!


Eleven to red flag floating, with the breeze, while the white clouds, to meet the rising sun, I put the blessing to you, wish you happy every day life is sweeter than honey, wish everything goes well with you happiness forever!


Don't think you are very cool, in fact, as soon as I see you I want to throw up; Don't think you are very handsome, in fact I want to kick you! Don't think you are very alone, actually I always think you rest assured! I wish a happy National Day!


Ask how much I love you, ask the sea will tell you how much I love you really, ask the moon will tell you how much I miss you message will tell you also don't believe it? That would make a phone call to me personally wish you a happy National Day!


The earth mountain flower like brocade, fast-forward to meet National Day. Flying thoughts fly to send greetings, true enough said. Soaring success with good luck, happy peace with flying. SMS feihong blessing, dancing music countless happiness.


Success of yao shenzhou, bearing the number of romantic! Still hold mainstay, peaceful country and safe people celebrating permanent! Grandparents association heart opening times! Establishment is not be insulted! Concentric JiHuanHe, but each peace peace!


Pick the one thousand stars light up your future; One thousand roses intoxicated your mood; Fold one thousand paper cranes flying your joy; Peace to find one thousand reasons to make you happy; All sentences wish your National Day reunion festival!


There is a concern uninvited; There is a tacit understanding irreplaceable; There is a yearning for you; There is a lonely called for; There is a silence is not forgotten; Have a concern to your friend forever! I wish a happy National Day!


Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best quality, care about is the most sincere greetings, care is the most unselfish thoughts, blessing is the most beautiful words. I wish you a happy 11th! Peace and happy!


National Day holiday, immediately to the last to relax; Shopping pleasure super speed, happiness is a temporary; Friends chat together quickly, hurry up don't slack off, holiday will finish, hee hee, hope you have a good sleep at last, a dream.


Like the stars of the sky, bright and beautiful; Like a morning flower, pure and fresh and gorgeous. Friends, to experience, the autumn wind will bring my blessings to you and may happiness and happiness accompany you forever, may you enjoy the National Day long vacation!


The National Day, wish the bird's nest to fly out of lucky bird, water cube the longmen carp, bring you lucky and bring you peace, bring you wealth and good fortune, lucky, the desires of the heart, give you a bright future, a life of happiness, a happy holiday.


National celebration of National Day holiday season pleasure you I hand in hand to cooperate, here send you the sincere regards, I wish you the performance of the exclusive ringleader, expectation to the next level our future cooperation, mutual benefit and got a win-win situation!


National Day holidays are coming, blessing reports in advance. May you raise not work overtime, very happy and high salary. Don't complain only send money, don't add trouble only to another. Want to eat eat, want to sleep and then sleep, receive blessings received from ear to ear.




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