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National Day morning when you boot, you can see me on the blessings, a heart of rose, bring you a lifetime of good luck.


Missing is a season of flowers, over the valley, enveloped you me, the blessing is boundless attention, overflow eyes, until the bottom of my heart. Happy National Day!


Your beauty attracts me, your laughter sweet like dew of after the rain, I'm awake, because I know, I really love you, I about your National Day!


Just off the beautiful chang e, ushered in the birthday of the motherland. To take this opportunity with my best wishes to you: I wish you everything goes well, all the best!


Maybe you once said you lonely, maybe you ever stray, now you have me, forget about the past, the future I accompany you, National Day I'm with you.


National Day to, what a lively, the motherland and the laughter; Wishes with regards to run, the thick care also sent to. Only a few text messages, a blessing, wish friends happy.


Send you National Day travel good luck: flying in peace; The smooth by train; By ship AnAnQuanQuan; Stand by car; Can provide a good play! Happy National Day holiday!


Lotus pond in your casual blossom, let me elusive; O, that an a pool of love, and you make me enchanted by me; I wish in this travel.like flowers, keep me with you! Happy National Day!


Oneself live a happy heart is happiness, let people live a happy heart is happy. Happiness is rich, only attentively to feel, you will feel happy! I wish a happy National Day!


Once had a sincere wishes in my heart, but I don't have to send out, because of you I am far away, now god gave me the opportunity to send text messages, so I want to say to you, happy holidays.


In this special day, send a the most sincere blessing to you, may easily in hand, may happiness follow you, let the family happiness, happiness May Day, wish a happy National Day.


Sometimes busy, not forgotten; A sincere greetings to you in the mood; Had dropped greetings, the compensation together; All the blessings of cohesion in the text messages, happy National Day!


Blessing of the Mid-Autumn festival, 11 nian, smell, time rush flowers bloom, deep friendship through wind and rain, in the real wish you happy every day, this holiday season, happy every second!


Maple leaf for the paper, the autumn wind blessed, for the ink, points out the stars, draw on the white clouds, on the moon, are you look at the messages, I wish you a life poem, happiness!


There is a feeling, every day pass, still simple; There is a kind of experience, after many days, still miss; There is a kind of greeting, very light, but the most sincere! I wish a happy National Day!


Countries good home countries: everybody good circle everyone circle circle person circle compatriots, take a deep thoughts, and of honey honey send best wishes of you, happy National Day.


National Day holiday, and the people rich stronger; Flowers in full bloom competition, Chinese people happy; Wan Guolai asahi, four seas rise at ordinary times; But to see the world, a lion in the east!


Day light light blue, grass green, National Day long vacation vibration. Mountain show, clear water, hand in hand the land to travel. Bundle of belly, buy fewer clothes, this year cost belongs to you, please!


This is my carefully develops the blessing of the message, science and technology content and value are ranked among the top of the world, who received a roll of luck good lucky for you. Happy National Day!


Friends always at heart, the bosom friend is precious. The lamplight, good friends, small order and good news. Hope friends see - such as people, always not forget friends heart. I wish a happy holiday!


Pack a bag of sunshine two sea breeze, a few jins of blessing, passed to the United States to buy some happy, buy two bottles of French romantic, hearts how much care, to you I wish a happy National Day!


Different places, the same moonlight. Do you know what I'm thinking of you? Wish you happy, happy, happy again! Bai Tianle, night music, National Day for seven days, every day happy! A happy holiday!


You raise your head and look at SMS, concerns in regards to this inter! I give you a special blessing to each minute bring you health, luck and happiness, hope this is the National Day. I wish you the best!


Do furniture is lumber, understand poetry is scholar, they think of is money, is to cultivate talented person, women want is a figure, hair news is a genius, see the message is a fool. I wish a happy National Day!


No countries, which have a home, no home, which have you me. Xi night, the birthday, come on, let us in the double happiness days of joy, to celebrate the family yuan yuan, the prosperous, and the house of everything.


Open the window to the soul, let festive air drilling. Open the shackles of lonely, let the joy of moving picture. The golden autumn, spread joy in the holiday. Good wishes, quietly come to you: happy National Day!


In the tunnel of time, make a wish called forever; In the space station, send a blessing health; In the sea of friendship, send a happy sincere; Let my blessing with you, your happy to me, happy eleven!


Hot days you happy and special day pay attention to the body; The gentle wind pure you, don't let the sun with you; Natural and unrestrained sunshine tender feelings you, today all beautiful belong to you! Happy National Day!


To see a beautiful scenery, give you a leisurely and comfortable warmth. Reading a beautiful words, send you a peaceful world; Listen to a song sweet melody, make you a happy week. I wish National Day good mood always with you!


Send you flag, swept all wish you everything; Send your song to you daily song; Send you picture of the traditional Chinese painting, I hope you happy go all over the world! Send you copy of the National Day wishes: happy National Day!


Red flag floating, good spirit, 11 holiday arranged, rest well, eat well, healthy body is the most good, good together, good communication, friends are contact friends, a heart, a text message received good, I wish you a happy 11th.


The rainbow always after the rain; In autumn the after spring flowers; Loneliness always after crazy; Cherish the after miss; Tears always after feeling thick; Smile always after the roses; Wish you good mood, always in the morning after every day!


Eleven, dressing, the changeable weather to go out to pay attention to, before and after eleven, the summer autumn weather, fickle, go swimming, don't forget to care about yourself, take a sweet warm clothes, I wish you a happy eleven.


National Day gift mouth rest, pigs, cattle and sheep and so on four legs, eat more can let a person regret; Chickens, ducks and geese and other two legs, eat less slow has the flavor; Only one leg mushroom, eating is the most beautiful autumn day.


Raise the red lantern, National Day to again; Kim spit especially qiao, stands you smile; Fireworks light up half the sky, looking forward to tomorrow, a better; Greeting a debt of gratitude, with a happy in today. To wish you a happy National Day!


11 coming off seven days, send you a chest, full of harvest the hidden in the cabinet: on the left is safe right is health, happiness in the front and the back is happy, the top is at the bottom of the auspicious is satisfied, let you National Day.


Henan tourism place, the Yellow River sanmenxia dam, warm and pleasant climate, native products variety. Spi apple and jujube, cow heart dried persimmon flavor the United States, walnuts, mushrooms nutrition, natural medicinal materials more and more.


Packed in a bag of sunshine two sea breeze, a few jins of blessing, passed to the United States to buy some happiness, bought two bottles of romantic French, cut off from the depths of the heart how much care, as a gift to you, I wish a happy National Day!


No matter how the message the rhetoric of ordinary, no matter when it arrived in your hands, whether it is overweight, regardless of whether it is successful, I only want you know: I'm trying to send... I wish you happy every day! Happy National Day!


The eleventh National Day arrived, might as well go out for a walk! Throw away all CARES and throw out moldy heart, for the performance of mood, such as hair with happy smile! Mountains and rivers, in between leaving the beautiful image of you happy! Wish a happy National Day!




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