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1、人生得意须尽欢,莫使金樽空对月。天生我材必有用,千金散尽还复来。Life must do huan, the mo make golden cup empty to month. Inherent my material will be useful, city away.



Life must do huan, the mo make golden cup empty to month. Inherent my material will be useful, city away.


Have a grateful heart, you will thank people of good will give you every kindness, no matter met strangers.


Learn alone without friends, the uncultured and smell. Today with your classmates, such as cutting and grinding "stones, such as cut, such as grinding, fun.


The journey of life, you enrich my soul, I have to intellectual development, as I lit the hope. Thank you.


People say: there is a kind of good leadership, there is a good harmonious community, I'm glad to join this team.


Taking the product in yongxing; Wan Lizhi boat, as in a compass; Thank leadership advice on weekdays, I have today's achievement!


Trust is a ship, satisfaction as the sail. Unity is leather, endeavour is filling. Sincerely thank all the staff of the hard work and love!


Are you willing to entered my life, the role of friend, maybe you are not the only one of the best, but it is the most wonderful in my life!


Each kind of grace has a barb, it will hook mouth and swallowed it favors a giver want to drag him where to get there.


Gratitude, deeply love. Gratitude makes me understand so much, even the emotion of the secular. Why don't we learn to be grateful?


Birthday the unexpected gift from you make me very happy, do you remember I can warm my heart, I really appreciate your hearts.


Steps we need "gratitude" out of his own life, remember DangEn, repay society, for the construction of a harmonious society dedication render their own.


The wisdom of the wise are often is that, with a grateful heart to treat their own environment, post, complaint or regret, with the attitude of gratitude to create their own brilliant!


In this full of sweet days, let the flower and smile back to you tired heart, let blessing for a long time to stay in your heart, I also want to say: thank you.


Very happy that I spent with you every minute, hope can make you happy every night and day, remind of you of name feel very sweet, looking forward to with you. Bye.


Today is Thanksgiving Day, this is a special day, I would like to sincerely thank all the people who helped me, thank you in my most difficult time of help to me.


Thanksgiving Day arrived, you are still waiting for what, quickly picked up the phone ready to mood, to say thank you to the world with affectionate language, to the friend say thank you.


Thank you for your concern, thank you for your help, thank you for what you do to me, please accept my most sincere wish: peace, luck, good health, happy life!


In previous work, the more you give, I fully understand and strong support to express deep respect and sincere gratitude, let us create a better tomorrow!


Start time, let's go! Need not sorry, also need not say goodbye, even singing gradually quiet down, our heart will forever TiaoDang.


Most let's a member of the team is very honored, in this wish our better for the development of the company, our team even more brilliant performance! I do, everyone at random!


Thank you for what you did for me, you are I most want to thank friends, in this special day, please allow me to sincerely say thank you, wish you happy forever.


Night very deep, miss heart wandering in the air, no matter how far we distance, at least can enjoy the same star, thank you for every moment in my life!


Thank Wu Chenxiao robbery when I go to the toilet, improved my consciousness of in time of peace prepare for war, let me know, most people will appear in the darkest corner of the dark.


Excluding hard inkstone cold, ripe peach flow Dan, li ripe technology, easier flower ents. Valley fly don't generally, poetry world, paint room, filled the happy of person of outstanding ability.


If one day I got lost in the wind and rain I know you will heal the pain for me, maybe we eventually the world will be different but I know you will accompany me in the wind and rain, thank you!


Thank you my good friend, you helped me so much, on Thanksgiving Day let me with sincerely make up a song for you, when you the most lonely singing in your ear.


In the coming days, I hope you can continue to support and help me, also let us hand in hand advance together, make progress together! We thank you very much for your opportunity afforded us for service.


Understand thanks to the talented person is the most beautiful people, know a person pay is the most generous people, caring people is the most respectable person, thank you for your best friend.


Eldest brother, thank you for giving me this opportunity of cooperation, the team so unprecedented unity because of you, your firm and encouragement gave us great support. Thank you very much.


Fish thanks to water, the water absorption into the heart, every day to make it feel warm. I thank you, but words do not need too much, just want to talk to you care, silently blessing you.


Forward but busy, pray for comfort, the dark are self point lamp, others light to shine on my way for a long time, also thanks to recall the guidance from you, all the way forward.


Gratitude is human, to things a long time, grateful to be one of the basic conditions. Not gratitude, at some point of view, is the divine human emotion.


Thank you for friendship, let me hear the singing of spring; When I was lonely, sad, give me comfort and warm, even in a dark corner, can also feel the light is shining.


Your thoughts, your words, filled with poetry, contains the philosophy, and seemed so magical. Oh, in my mind, how many beautiful ripples have they ever aroused!


Wish your career progresses day by day, like Turkey thriving lives, but when you are the happiest, don't forget me! Ask me to eat the Turkey with beautiful bar!


Time will take away the beauty, the time will bring wind and rain, but even if everything will change, also don't walk how grateful I am to you, and you pay a little for me. I wish: healthy and happy!


Due to appreciate wonderful life, due to appreciate beauty, love life because thankful and happy, in this special day sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day!


Thank those who care about my friends, is you let me know what we are never separated from each other, is you let me know what friendship is. We should be grateful for your care about me!


The journey of life, because of you and bright, the road of life, is no longer confused because of you, is you let me find the wings, thank you my most sincere friend. Happy Thanksgiving.


Cooperate with youth and genius, no doubt, is the world the most wonderful sight. And both of you have, today, may your youth and intelligence, bring you a better tomorrow!


Shanhai can block each other, but can't cut off my missing, distance can pull you and me, but don't open the sincere friendship, time to forget the past, but forget forever friends.




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