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1、如果有钱也是一种错,祝你一错再错!新年快乐!If money is also a kind of wrong, repeat one’s mistakes to you! Happy New Year!


If money is also a kind of wrong, repeat one's mistakes to you! Happy New Year!


In the coming New Year's holiday season, bless my friend: continue good health。


My wish for you, such as the lush leaves, patches, sheets, with all my heart!


All the splendor in the world is not worth a bosom friend。 In the old days, I wish you all good!


A cold warm, a line phase cry; A one, a proverb; A heart that hope; A friendship, miss a lifetime。


To the New Year, wish you in the New Year, the work is smooth, family happiness, healthy body, all the best!


May: peace with you through every day of the year。 May: happiness with you through every hour of the day!


Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream。 Wishing you a happy New Year!


New Year's day festival times festive, your day at home。 Happy auspicious tiger, now rising LeQing New Year's day。


Ha ha, happy? New Year's day holiday came to cough up! Wish you have a nice holiday。 Everything, every day happy。


New Year's day will come, to "money" to wish you a happy "xin" in: "money" may you running into go straight "money"。


The world besides years eternal eternal life, and our year after year is not smile。 I wish a happy New Year!


I go care and blessing, deeply bless you, in the new years of life, stronger, more substantial, happy New Year。


Happy New Year! I wish you a New Year health! The work is smooth! Happy happy life! Have a good mood every day!


Christmas the New Year's day, New Year's day the Spring Festival, the hook and the hook, the peak shopping not forget his riches。


In beautiful festival, send me a sincere blessing, the pace of the Spring Festival will give them all to purity of you!


After 365 days and nights, like walk 365 steps, ding so old, vientiane update。 New Year's day festival, send your blessing。


The song is a blessing, bell is greeting。 Snow is a greeting card, wine is the breeze kiss, is a hug, happiness is a gift!


In the world all splendor riches and honour than a bosom friends, friends, in this new day, wish you everything goes well!


Bowed out in the New Year, wish you are in the New Year, a new start, there is a new harvest, happy New Year and all the best!


At this time of happiness to share, missing friends moment, a dream come true。 Happy New Year to you - and the season!


May you enjoy the Spring Festival expectations of all joy, every tiny things can bring you sweet feeling and infinite happiness。


If feel happy you flick, if feel happy you can tap them, if feel happy you tossed。 Happy New Year, crazy!


Sound blessing, filar silk, clusters of thoughts, turned into a gift, stay in your heart, I wish a happy New Year and all the best!


Caresses your suave skirt, greeting the New Year! May the New Year the peaceful atmosphere。 Let you feel me a quiet and gentle love。


It is happy to share the moment, is the time to miss my friends, is the time to dream come true。 I wish you a happy New Year, festival happiness!


A long distance try to ask peaceful deny? And send the miss distance。 Continuous love and concern, the thick cordiality and wish。 New Year's day happiness!


Another year spring came, the blessing of the float, float to you, to me, a happy New Year! A happy Spring Festival! All the best! Horse!


The New Year I wish you don't know, don't know you are a big silly hat。 In order not to let people know that smile on a cell phone now。 Happy New Year!


Far away are you all right? In the distant yearning, changes is my appearance, the same is always love your heart! Real wish you happy New Year!


New Year's day said in the New Year, new beginning, everything from scratch, a good beginning is half the success I wish you will always be a winner!


At this moment, have my deepest thoughts。 Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a happy happy New Year!


If memory is a kind of feelings, may all belong to our memories are sweet。 Release of another kind of friendship in the New Year。 Happy New Year's day。


New Year's day happiness! A beautiful wish I wish you a happy! A beautiful wish wish you cause yuan yuan! A beautiful wish I wish you a sweet love!


Congratulations on your New Year's day holiday season, send a SMS bless you, successful career belongs to you, always happy smile, think of you longevity and health。


One day I polished Aladdin's lamp, genie said: I will meet you a wish。 I said: please bless people are watching the short message happy New Year!


When you see this message, lucky to have come into your head, the god of wealth has been into your house, wealth is not far from you。 Wish you a happy New Year!


I am like a lone wild goose, exhaustion of flapping his wings, looking up to heaven, he also lost hope water also confused, but I sincerely wish you - better than me!


What festival on January 1, remember that it was New Year's day, remember to eat dumplings, New Year's day to eat out of the nest year。 I wish my dear you, happy New Year!


New Year's day good! Wish you good luck with a silver spoon in her mouth, and a happy New Year, the year of the monkey, early birth in the year to come。 When they have free to drop in anytime, we are thinking of you!




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