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Qixi, Qixi, my festival; Zhinu, Zhinu, my love wife; Heaven and earth, gathered for thousands of years; Wow, I love my wife.


I give you a string of the past, affectionate attachment, in the bright spring days, woven into a lovesick wreath.


Happiness exists only when you and I get together, and every day my motivation is to see you and talk to you.


The Cowherd who stepped up to the Que Bridge would no longer say "I love you" to the Weaver Girl, because the monotonous repetition could no longer explain the fanatical love in his heart!


On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, we hope that the red leaves will be resentful. The picture is always forever.


To know you, I know that there is a kind of mood called miss, and a feeling called love.


Today is Tanabata, the legendary Cowherd and weaver girl can meet today, but where are you?


In the summer, the wind and rain in July are seven. I do not know sweet words. Easy to see, difficult to see. Happy Valentine's Day!


Every day of the year, every hour of the day, every minute of every hour, every second of every minute, I miss you so much!


You are water, I am sand, I mix mud with you! You are hook, I am a fork, and I am a pair of little friends!


The Internet lets us know each other and the Internet makes us fall in love. I hope we can see each other on this Tanabata night.


Moonlight is like daylight, silver frost is boundless; Qixi is a magpie bridge, and it is full of affection. Fairy flowers, beautiful scenery blend; fairy magpie bridge, good life happiness!


If there is a magpie bridge. I want to walk to the end of the bridge with you. Then the bridge was dismantled. Never let you go. Would you like it? Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!


See the pair on the magpie bridge kissing? That's us tonight! Happy Valentine's Day!


Today is the eve of the night. A pair of lovesickness, a dream magpie bridge.


Heaven and earth, year after year, every night, reunion, only wish forever. The special feeling for you is just to tell you that this life is unchanged.


The craziest thing in my life is to fall in love with you, and the greatest hope is to have you accompany me crazy all my life.


Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! Let's love each other on the day of the Cowherd and the weaver girl's meeting.


On the seventh night of the seventh night, the stars are numb, looking at the fish in the water. Think of your heart sour, only thinking about the original situation?


You seem to be like a louse on my body. I'm not comfortable without you.


This life I only hold your hand, because this life is enough for you.


You combed your hair, smeared the perfume, all day, see girls like to card oil, an inattentive become a blind stream. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!


Acquaintance with you is a kind of fate, love with you is a kind of beauty, with you is a blessing, I would like to accompany you forever. Happy Valentine's Day!


You are beautiful, rat eyes, pig's mouth, mouth watering, like toilet water. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!


Perhaps you have forgotten me, but I will wait for you until I move to heaven and move you.


When the stars are changing, you and I are still on every side of the sky. But please believe that even though all rivers and mountains, the thoughts of you day and night have never changed.


Let the sun warm you, let the moonlight moisten you, though unable to meet, the bright Milky Way has been filled with my vows of love for you.


I would like to become a breeze, through the mountains to your window, gently surrounded you.


May your Valentine's day be full of enthusiasm. Your love will last forever, and your life will be happy. Happy Valentine's Day!


On the night of July Eve, facing the bright moon, let me make a solemn promise: I want to love you forever!


Do not envy the fairy of the magpie bridge, the flowers of the world are more beautiful.




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