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To the father's day, wishes to let father: more rest, regular exercise; To smoke less, don't tired; More exercise, healthy; Let father health surrounded and happiness often go hand in hand.


Your inculcation in mind heart, never forget your nagging, long is the dream of you, looking forward to iron which is your desire. Hoarding for their children's busy, father's day I wish you peace!


Father's day, let the message take my sincere blessing, embellish your sweet dream, in your side, let your life colorful, happiness for a lifetime, happy father's day!


A father is a flowering tree, scent. A father is winter sunshine, warm; Father stayed with me, no matter where I go, my father's day is coming, I wish my father happy father's day!


You look tough, actually very gentle; You look deep, actually childish; You seem very quiet, once in a while might actually very nagging. I love you forever, my dad, happy father's day!


Through the mountains, only to find that a father has been in the side; Eat delicious food, but think to have dinner with you the most sweet; It is very important to you in my heart, dad; Congratulations, I wish you a happy father's day!


The father's grace is as deep as the sea, heaven and earth can table, deep love is long, life is short, the moon can jian. Father's day will come, li call secrets: son, can't return, "relax" don't care, let dad body health happiness!


Early for father, heart is glad; The children, more beautiful; For the children, love yourself; Father's day, don't forget; Wishes to send greetings to; Miss, I wish you; You happy, do not cry; In life, the most successful.


All say there is only good mother, I said my father is my pride, cream dye the hair for me, for my hunchback hunch over, greed black got up early for me, for my toil day and night. Father's day is coming, I wish dad festival laughter!


Your shoulder strong harbour, your mind is broad blue sky, your hands are warm home. Tree thousand feet high without roots, flower flower watering, father's day is coming, to the health of old daddy a happy holiday!


Received this message, dad always healthy, dad always happy reading, delete the father away from the worry, father was stored happy forward. Dad festival arrived, greetings dads, happy father's day!


Father will come soon, childhood memories of a rain tree, they often forgotten by us warm holiday, they are not very talkative but looks strong inner soft, I wish dads happy father's day the sun!


Mood rose, a disc is enough; The full of flowers is etched and concern; Blessing, into the heart; Turn up every times, warm still; The truth forever, attentively aftertaste; Flying mood, happy, good luck to father's day!


You chew with optimistic life bitter, you use a prop up the family burden, you use too, express the great of life, do you use love warm the hearts of children. Father festival, wish my dear dad healthy body, everything is ok!


Are you the eagle with wings that I am the little lark; You are the great trees that I am the little grass; You are my great father, I am your naughty child. Father's day, send text messages to wish you a happy holiday!


With his broad chest; Touch him, rough hands; His vicissitudes of the face; Heartache, sides of wind and frost. His love is still deep, he quality of masculinity. The father's day, bless him!


You for rearing children tired bent the waist, and for your children's future sorrow white head, you pay too much for a happy family, today is father's day, here I want to say to you: dad you hard, I wish you a happy and healthy! Happy to be joyful!


A father is a compass, it would not be lost; Love is a fire in the stove, it will not be cold in winter; Father is ZhuangHangJiu, cowardice when given an infinite courage. The father's day, I wish a happy father, father forever!


Adversity a father is a stepping stone, and the darkness when a father is a light lamp, dried up when a father is a bay, the water of life, to the father love is the spiritual pillar of success when a father is to encourage and alarm, I wish all fathers a happy holiday!


Father in the eye, and on the blazing like a torch; A father in yelling, serious and strong; A father in sweat, crystal grain out; A father in the back, slowly bend. Don't forget to remind him the greatest father, father's day, take good care of yourself!


A father in the old words, every word is truth; A father in the vicissitudes of wrinkles, and mold a bar full of cordiality; A father in curved spine, along a relentless. Grateful father, father's day to pass love!


Will the father loves the is filled into the glass, sweet drops; Will the father loves the written text, wet the handwriting; Will be a father to wear in the body, warm fit; Entrust the father loves the breeze, in the rain. Father's day love connection, is he, the head is you!


You are in the winter warm sun, warm heart forever; You is a clear spring in the desert, run heart forever; You are the core of the family, forever authority. Father festival, wish father body is healthy, happy forever! A good mood, happiness forever!


Dad's teachings as a beacon, indicate the direction; Father's care as an umbrella, rain; Daddy's hands like a rain, coming softly, dad's back like a mountain, majesty to the invasion. Happy father's day!


Gratitude is father's day, mother's day is a simple greetings and sincere wishes for Thanksgiving all are not generous handouts, huge investment, often a warm greetings, warm smile, is enough to throw a piece of sunshine in the human mind.


Father is the blue sky, reflects our brilliant smiling face. The father is the majestic mountain, standing we the tenacity of life; Father is the fertile soil, nourish our permanent happiness. Sincerely wish you a happy father's day.


Position in the home, I'll dispatch, mom is the most beautiful, the most handsome dad. Not fear to tread because there is love, father day, old daddy be good. To be in a good mood, good things come, the body conde, full of happiness. Wish dad happy wonderful day!


People compare children to flowers, compare teachers to gardeners, compare the doctor to angel, compare the police to guard, compared to the motherland to mother, only without the father. On this father's day, I would like to wish my father health and peace.


You are a towering old trees, the wind and rain for me; You are a abrupt stone, as time honing; You are magnificent peaks, and let us see the mountains small, ah! Dad, we keep in mind that your teachings. I wish dad a happy holiday!


Love again and again, let me grow in the joy, the works of the hands, let me laugh in the warm, the teaching of the time and time again, let me find the direction of life, dad you hard, dad festival, wish you healthy and happy, I love you!


Dear father, the man I love most, in the bitter three points, you are suffering, father love moved heaven and earth, the sweat fatherly love most. Father's day is coming, the child heart bless you: peace, healthy life good luck!


You hurt me, any damage you carry for me; You love me, all the difficulties you carry for me; You taught me to live with the knowledge of doing things. Father's day is coming, my dear father, I love you, and peace to your life, happy life!


When I was young, my father always said to me: I am a tree, you are the young trees. Now I grow up, the trees grow up want to say to his father: daddy, you are the big tree in my heart forever. Father's day has arrived. Let father happy and healthy, all!


A father in the ordinary one, they were dignified and strong; A father in the silent gaze, one never ceases; The father loves the lift in big hands, carried high light fall love. Father's day arrived, wish father not old, his father never health!


White silk taken up your hair, wrinkles also secretly climbed up your face, once the young father, is now on a slow pace. Still worship worship you as a child to grow up, always so handsome. Dad, happy father's day!


The father's day, SMS to send, send auspicious, father strong like cattle; Send happiness, father health; Send greetings, father forever happiness; Send blessing, father everlasting peace; The father's day, quick to your blessing! I wish all father healthy peace!


You use both hands to build the house; You with sweat, moisten the house; You use back, hold up the house; Do you use white hair, care for the family. Because of you, the home is very warm very safe, I wish my dear father happy father's day! I love you forever!




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