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1、老婆,今天是母亲节,祝你节日快乐,天天美丽。Wife, today is mother’s day, wish your festival happiness, beautiful every day.


Wife, today is mother's day, wish your festival happiness, beautiful every day.


Mom, where are you, where is the happiest place!


Mom, all my love for you, you are my only wish this life.


Mom, you were laborious, I hope I can make you happier in later life.


Years bring mother sad, but did not make her love minus. Happy mother's day!


In addition to the mother, who was, let us JiSong mother I love you! Mother you will be happy forever!


A mother's love is how strong, selfish, fanatical occupy our whole heart feelings.


Although you don't show, but I know that you have been concerned about me. Thank you, mom!


Nothing is more great than a man's mother. A mother's love is the greatest power in the world.


The years have will burn your youth, but you care and encouragement to walk with me life.


You will always be my child's beautiful mother. I wish you a happy holiday, the mood beautiful foot a percentage.


Mom, I want to say to you, the words to the mouth and throat; Mom, I want to smile to you, but little tears in his eyes.


Mom your daughter grew up I also understand you don't worry no my days you want to more care of yourself!


Mom, I'll be glad to prepare the dinner for you, but I still think if take you out in a restaurant, will be more insurance.


Mother loves me, thank you my dearest mother! You must be a long and healthy life, beside you so happy!


After wind and rain baptism, hope you are still strong as ever. I put into wishing you, with you for three hundred and sixty-five days.


You are a big tree, you spring dreams, summer leaning against you lush, you mature, autumn winter leaning against your meditation.


The mother of all over the world how much alike! Their heart is always the same, every mother has a very pure pure heart.


Missing is a season of flowers, over the valley, hanging over you; Blessing is affectionate gaze, overflow in my eyes, until you heart.


Mom I thank you for give me life, is you taught me to be the truth, no matter how in the future, I love you forever!


Never write anything for you, also didn't say any word of thanks to you, but you to my care and love, little drops in mind.


Gone through so many years, I deeply know, love me the person is you, mom. Oh! The loving mother love! This love who cannot forget!


In this world, no one more than you love me; In this world, no one can replace your position in my heart. Mom, no matter where, I love you forever.


Mom: in a foreign land, I can not give you hand into a bunch of carnation, but this message a table after my own heart, I wish you health, happiness, happiness!


My birthday reminds me of you considerate to me, and everything you've done for me. I just want you to give me happiness, I will also return to you.


Let us give mother a little more love and care, even a fan in summer; Winter in a sweater, let mother moment feel children's care.


In this world, no one more than you love me; In this world, no one can replace your position in my heart. Mom, no matter where, I love you forever.


Carnations of, there is no natural and graceful posture, no 4 excessive taste, aroma is very light, like a mother. I wish mom happy mother's day!


Mom, I love you from the depths of the soul, I am willing to give life to you, from you to accept how much is how much, the original is the case, now also will never change.


There is a love, is selfless; There is a kind of tolerance, forgive; Have a kind of support, to give; Deep and great maternal love, let us pray, world mother longevity and health!


Instructing your mother let you grow up is not bad, your mother care for you lovely, now the care of your mother let you grow very handsome, I decided to wish your mother a happy holiday today!


Great is mother ordinary is my kind mother is naughty is me, pay is mother of texting is my mobile phone fee. Ha ha, mom is great! I wish mom happy holidays!


There is not a kind of love can go beyond your love, no a flower can be beautiful than you, is not a face than your kindness, you have a most beautiful name in the world: mom!


Your kind words and I don't know to cherish, once you are not in my side, I just know you to my valuable. Hope you, mom, adult don't record mean person, peace and happiness every day.


Without you there is no me, no I dozens of years of sorrow, nor my spring, summer, autumn and winter laughter, thank you for giving me all the wonderful life and growth. Happy mother's day!


Met the angel in the heavy rain today, I lent her umbrella, she asked me to glory and riches and honour, I said what all don't, mother's day is coming, I wish all the mother healthy and happy forever!


Me, tore heart crack lung of pain; Keep me, meticulous care; Yukon, I forget all about eating and sleeping status; In this great festival, give you the most sincere words: mom, I love you!


Dear mother: have you ever been in your strong arms hold up a piece of blue sky for me; Today, I will use my growing plump wings keep out wind and rain for you. Mom, I love you forever! I wish you a happy holiday!


Ah! Heaven rain underground flow. A: hello! Wife, today is mother successively, it is your great holiday! At this moment, I must give you thousands wishes and greetings, this is most valuable "poor"!


Plying, woven with love endless missing; A patchwork, with sentiment fill the lack of life. The eye of a needle tightly, looking forward to take you in return. Mother's day, wish mother always shine with the brilliance of the years!




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