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The truth is even more incredible than fiction.


Prophecy is the only technology that can not be improved through practice.


The human mind is great, as long as the focus on some cause, it will produce surprising results.


At this moment, I will always stay in my memory and never disappear. I will see it every day and dream about it till I die.


Often frankly admit a mistake, it will make your boss to expect too much, will give you a chance to make more mistakes.


Don't tell the truth to people who don't deserve it.


If you really have no way to get a compliment from others, then give yourself a bar.


But the worst or you men reluctant to let the woman can make a difference in education, not willing to let them by their own efforts to earn a dignified life. Their education just to keep up appearances as if they a lifetime should only be lovingly, depend on a man to eat, never was unfortunate like.


Lies have gone half of the world, the truth is leaving.


The strong, despise difficulties, the weak, look up to difficulties.


The secret source of Longfellow's humor is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven.


Kindness is the language which the deaf can understand, and the blind can see.


There are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind of person has the achievement, the second kind of person claims to have the achievement. The first category is not as many as second types of people.


Some people who worship me often say that my mind is almost as big as a basket, but they are not willing to say the size of the basket.


Man has always been the unique: it preserves the two sets of rules - a private, a true; a set of open, a set of artificial.


Of all the animals, only human beings are cruel. They are the only animals that will be happy to create pain.


It's not what you're looking for trouble, but something that you're not sure of, but in fact, it's not.


Don't give up your fantasy. When the dream is gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.


Foreigners do not need the Chinese people, Chinese people do not need foreigners, at this point, I at any time is and boxers standing in the. The boxer is a patriot. They love their country than all nations. I wish them success. The boxer should take us out of their country. I am also a boxer. Because I also claim to drive them out of our country.


One of the most dangerous enemy is his own tongue.


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, you have to stop and think about yourself.


In political society, there is a powerful person to decide what is called justice, that is to say, there are powerful people who have the privilege of making the right of justice, and to cancel the privilege of justice.


I was always waiting for the chance to find out I had a chance.


Of all the animals, man is the most cruel, and the only animal that will make it happy.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to resist and control the fear.


In the field of humor, the power of repetition is great. Almost any one with the exact same idiom, as long as every other period of time to repeat it five or six times, and finally forced the people can not help but laugh.


Theworldowesyounothing. The world owes you nothing. You haven't been born yet.


If you have adopted a hungry dog and let it live a comfortable life, it will not bite you. That's the main difference between a dog and a man. Habit is habit, who couldn't be suddenly out of the window, but coaxed downstairs a step.


The world is no something like a well worded speech is less incendiary, it can put those unfamiliar with tricks of speech and magic of laissez faire attitude all the nerve organ get sleepy epilepsy, overturned their convictions, corrupt their feelings.


The crowd embrace her walk, fast to see, she turned to face the last glimpse of him, she is so wronged, sad, he suddenly felt ashamed, his pride proud of to ashes, to steal the emperor inspiring it is withered, splendor in the eyes of all of a sudden turn out to be worthless, like a rag from him fall off the.


He found a great law of human behavior, he did not know - that is, in order to make an adult or a child would like to do something, just try to get the thing is not easy to get on the line.


History will not repeat itself, but there will always be a striking resemblance.


The end of patience is the kingdom of heaven.


Lack of money is the root of all evil.


Life is so short, we have no time to quarrel, apology, sad, too. We only have time to love, all transient.


The moral function of the heart is to distinguish between good and bad, so that people can choose to do as one pleases. But what good can he get from here? He keeps picking, but he would rather choose the worst nine out of ten. There is no bad thing in the world; there is no moral heart, there will be no bad things. However, people are so a kind of do not understand the moral of the animals, they can not see: because there is a moral heart, they only fall to the bottom of the biological. Who has it, who will fall.


Habit is habit, no one can throw it out of the window, but coaxed downstairs a step.


A person who does not read a good book does not have the advantage of a person who cannot read.


If all the people are rich, all the people are poor.


Fanatical desire, will elicit dangerous action, a ridiculous thing to do.


Travel is the best way to eliminate ignorance and hatred.


Never argue with a fool, they will drag you to their level, and then return to you.




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