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I want to hold your hand on valentine's day。 Dear, happy valentine's day。


You out of my dreams and into my arms。 I can't let you go。 Happy valentine's day。


Even if it brings sorrow love and trust it。 Don't close your heart。 A happy holiday!


Know you know there is a feeling called attachment, there is a feeling called love。 Happy valentine's day!


Valentine's day, I wish to be a fish, let you stewed, boiled, steamed, then lie on your tender in the stomach。


You are the water, I am sand, you and I mix into mud baba! You are, I am a fork, is of little friends together!


You work I'm tired, you drink I hurt a stomach, you sad I cry, you I was sleeping, because I am your baby。


Steamed bun honest valuable, the steamed stuffed bun price is higher, if has a temperature the spareribs, two all may throw。 Happy valentine's day!


Look at the calendar to valentine's day, flowers, candy, how can less, full of love, will you hug, light is your most beautiful smile。


Love is the fate, love is touched, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifetime commitment。


People still, the dream is still, the husband wife still; Times change, youth, you husband and wife my heart remains the same。 Happy valentine's day!


I love you, but I dare not say, I'm afraid I said I will go to the dead; I'm not afraid dead, I am afraid I dead after no portrait me so love you。


In the day of every miss, don't think you easy, don't want you to, wish with a difficult mood, deeply miss you! Happy valentine's day!


Not because I miss you, but because think you just lonesome。 The feeling of loneliness is so heavy, just because think too deep。


Wish path without end, just been going hand in hand, life together, let us go after every valentine's day, wishing you happiness during the holidays!


You let the pain of taste every moment I miss you, taste you and you happy together, you are the only person who can let me taste suantiankula。


Think you: exist; Think you: cloud of fog; You: and flowers; Think you: fundus mind; You: this life the afterlife! Happy valentine's day!


A cannot extricate oneself, in addition to the teeth with love。 Don't want to, I love is you! Valentine's day, you hesitate, when my lover。


The sound of your voice, like an angel。 When I first saw you, I knew that as long as there is you, the world is perfect。 So I'll love you whole life。


I really want to say to you, in my heart you are my all, I don't pray for you with the same amount of love to me, just want to have your comfort and understanding。


Time does not water down the wine of love, distance dose not separate our hands of longing。 Think you, until the end of time, until forever。 Happy valentine's day!


Every day of the year, in a day, every hour, in an hour of every minute, every seconds in a minute, I think of you。 Dear, happy valentine's day!


Sentient beings, every day is a day。 A cold warm, a line phase cry; A one, a proverb; A acacia, a heart in hope; A love, a lifetime love。


I am water and you are the clay, and shaped into heaven and earth together, and then into pieces in the sun, you and me in pieces not old。 Happy valentine's day!


At this moment, I have the deepest yearning, let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a happy happy valentine's day。


Is by no means wealth can buy contentment and peace happiness; Love love partner and happiness, is the treasure of the world! Dear, happy valentine's day!


Although many years had passed, but when I hold your hand, I still have a sense of yourself or high school students。 I have been thinking of you this valentine's day。


Our dream is not to dye dust, even if accidentally fell to the ground, and the point of making dust, reducing lack into me like a dream of the original is the most lonely miss。


Didn't intend to meet you, meet you is providence, thinking you were feeling, falling in love with you was out of mind, not half-hearted, when you fall in love with you wholeheartedly。


Valentine's day, hang around far-away place of you, the hope into a carrier pigeon, fly to your place, which afraid can make of just chien be simple list of an action: pull one bubble on your head!


Mountain castle peak building outside the building outside, brother is strong, such as cattle, spring breeze blowing my brother drunk, only when the dinosaurs jing younger sister。 Dear, happy valentine's day!


Love you is I regret the decision of a lifetime, all over the sky stars are watching your eyes。 No matter the outcome, I know: you are the best one I love this life。 Happy valentine's day!


Without you, the appearance that the wind becomes grim。 My pillow in years passed, twisted thoughts into a string。 My love! You hear regards to upload to the cloud? Happy valentine's day!


Wages all handed in, including unplanned; The leftovers all contract, including rotted; Housework all dry, including mother-in-law home; Thought report every day, including a split second。


You silently say you love me, let me close to your chest, gentle words gently moving my heart, the world belongs to the two of us, our hearts are closely linked。 Happy valentine's day!


If the world there are only ten minutes, I will recollect the wind and rain together with you, if there are only three minutes, I will kiss you, if only for a minute, I'll say I love you。


Today is valentine's day, all over the sky star will pray for you; Origami birds will fly it for you; Chocolate can moisten of emotion for you; I will bless you silently: wishing you happiness during the holidays, sweet around!


The farther the distance I love, the more the farther the distance my love grows。 Looking forward to our valentine's day will always belong to us, let us always happy valentine's day, we love to have belongs to。


First kiss, I won't; Strong lips, I can't; Kiss, is dress rehearsal。 A kiss, is looking forward to。 Ha ha, today is  kiss valentine's day, my dear, I want a kiss promise, love your life!


You said I like the wind, unpredictable, I said you like a cloud, drift。 Dear, I wish I were the wind, you will be with me, to go to the end of the world and the cape, I love you, happy valentine's day。


The beauty of your smile in bloom, you always delicate and charming, your mood always lingering, your warm wherever, treasured our photos, happy forever。 Photo valentine's day, love you ten thousand years。




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